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Status of Endangered Properties

Weed School 5
Weed School, listed 2011 »

Endangered: Weed School: 2403 Mount Auburn Street, being featured as part of the This Place Matters event which focuses on the preservation of historic resources in Augusta’s African American neighborhoods, the school has been considered for possible housing or as … Read more

BonAir Hotel
BonAir Hotel, 2101 Walton Way »

2013 Endangered Properties List Owner: Privately Owned History and Significance: The original Bon Air Hotel that was built in 1889 and consumed by fire February 3, 1921. The large Spanish Revival architectural masterpiece that sits on the hillside of the Summerville Historic District opened January 29, 1924 … Read more

401 Greene Street
Kahrs Grocery, listed 2011 »

Endangered: Kahrs Grocery, 401 Greene Street, this prominent corner building in the Olde Town neighborhood has also garnered considerable interest after its listing in 2011.  The building remains vacant with no known plans for rehabilitation.

Bohler House
Bohler House, 1102 Phillips Street »

2013 Endangered Properties List Owner: Privately Owned History and Significance: The revitalization of the Laney-Walker and Bethlehem neighborhoods has been taking off over the last several months. But few historic buildings are being rehabilitated, and many threatened with demolition. Some empty lots will see … Read more

529 Greene Street
The Jacob Phinizy House, listed 2010 »

SAVED: Jacob Phinizy House: 529 Greene Street, rehabilitation is well underway by 2KM Architects who will be using the historic house for their company offices.  The white paint is being carefully stripped from the building in an effort to restore … Read more

Cauley-Wheeler Building
Cauley-Wheeler Building, 1339 Laney-Walker Boulevard »

2013 Endangered Properties List Owner: Haines Alumni Association Occupant: Richmond County Board of Education History and Significance: The Cauley-Wheeler Building, completed in 1924, is located in the center of the campus of Lucy C. Laney Comprehensive High School. This historic … Read more

Pontiac Masters Building
Pontiac Master Auto Service Building »

Altered: Pontiac Master Auto Service Building: 1027 Telfair Street, the original auto showroom space with curved glass windows was removed from the building.

Lamar Elementary
Lamar Elementary School, 970 Baker Street »

2013 Endangered Properties List Owner: Richmond County Board of Education   History and Significance: Over the last few years, we have collectively listed historic neighborhood schools now considered surplus by the Board of Education. This year we include the Joseph R. Lamar … Read more

804 James Brown Blvd
Lyons-Callaghan House, listed 2010 »

Endangered:  Lyons-Callaghan House: 808-804 James Brown Boulevard, remains vacant, deteriorating, and faces strong development pressures from activity along the Ninth Street Corridor.

The Court of the Ordinary, c. 1860, is again threatened with demolition as the Municipal Campus undergoes renovations.
Antebellum Courthouse Annex c.1865 »

SAVED!!  Historic Augusta is pleased that the revised site plan for the new IT building will no longer include the total demolition of the Antebellum Courthouse Annex building. Only the northern additions will be removed, leaving the main building intact. … Read more