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Wildrow Wilson Boyhood Home

Status of Endangered Properties

Pontiac Master Auto Service Building »

Altered: Pontiac Master Auto Service Building: 1027 Telfair Street, the original auto showroom space with curved glass windows was removed from the building.

Lamar Elementary School, 970 Baker Street »

2013 Endangered Properties List Owner: Richmond County Board of Education   History and Significance: Over the last few years, we have collectively listed historic neighborhood schools now considered surplus by the Board of Education. This year we include the Joseph R. Lamar … Read more

Lyons-Callaghan House, listed 2010 »

Endangered: Lyons-Callaghan House: 808-804 James Brown Boulevard, remains vacant, deteriorating, and faces strong development pressures from activity along the Ninth Street Corridor.

Antebellum Courthouse Annex c.1865 »

SAVED!! Historic Augusta is pleased that the revised site plan for the new IT building will no longer include the total demolition of the Antebellum Courthouse Annex building. Only the northern additions will be removed, leaving the main building intact. … Read more

Jessamine Hill, listed 2009 »

Endangered: Jessamine Hill: 3101 Richmond Hill Road, the antebellum home secluded on the grounds of the Green Meadows Golf Course remains vacant.

C. T. Walker Home, listed 2009 »

IMMINENTLY THREATENED: C. T. Walker Home, 1011 Laney-Walker Boulevard, residence of Rev.. Charles T. Walker, founder of Tabernacle Baptist Church, the home is rapidly deteriorating and is unsecure. The demolition of Immaculate Conception across the street and the neighboring house … Read more

916 Greene Street, listed 2009 »

IMMINENTLY THREATENED: 916 Greene Street, though currently secure, years of being used by vagrants has left the interior of the historic home in an unknown condition. The current owners have no proposals for use of the building or rehabilitation.

901 Reynolds Street, listed 2009 »

UPDATE: 901 Reynolds Street: Augusta’s Trade, Exhibit, and Event center is scheduled to open in January 2013 and the historic cotton warehouse has been incorporated into the modern construction, preserving the building’s façade and presence on the corner of James … Read more

2015 — Daniel House, 448 Greene Street »

Daniel House Address: 448 Greene Street Owner: Privately Owned   History and Significance: Believed to have been built circa 1875, this house was occupied in 1880 by Reuben B. Wilson, an Augusta grocer. Zachariah Daniel occupied the home by 1891, … Read more

2016 — The Penny Savings Bank Building, 1144 James Brown Boulevard »

The Penny Savings Bank Building Address: 1144 James Brown Boulevard Owner: Augusta Georgia Land Bank Authority History and Significance: The Penny Savings Loan and Investment Company was incorporated September 10, 1910 by several prominent African American businessmen in Augusta. The … Read more